Leslie Lagani - Connecting the here and now, to the hereafter
I consider myself a modern day mystic. My life’s work is to utilize my extensive knowledge of the metaphysics and my psychic abilities to help those here, and on the other side. 
 I  offer private and group Mediumship sessions. Mediumship is a tool for healing our grief and sense of loss. Knowing that our love ones never die gives us hope not only for them, but for ourselves. Here is a ponderable. If you knew that death wasn't the end, how would you live your life now?
For over 25 years, I have used the ancient divination tool, the Tarot. I have done countless readings locally and abroad, giving insight and guidance to those in need. My readings give enlightenment, validation, and possible future outcomes. Through the use of the Tarot I can give you an eagles eye view of where you've been, are now, and where you are heading. I can assist you with navigating through career, relationship, financial and many other areas we all experience each day. Insight and clarity equals peace of mind and confident decision making.
I also have had extensive experience investigating the paranormal and am currently a consultant to many well known paranormal investigative groups. I am available for paranormal consulting for private clients, businesses, and historical sites. If you think you may be having an issue of a paranormal nature you can contact me to arrange an evaluation.

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